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See our ads in the Stud Service section. X and O Pups XOXO We hug and kiss our dogs daily. We are not a kennel. just the first home of your new best friend!My husband and I were raised in Southern, Illinois. Pinckneyville. We live on a secluded 30 acres with a lake where our pets have lots of freedom.

Female dogs in puppy mills are made to have several litters per year, which is extremely dangerous and cruel.

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“We specialize in these breedings because of the high demand placed on having a beautiful, genetically sound doodle, with such outstanding qualities that combining these two breeds’ can offer.

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Just try to 'wade' through all the junk on their website. More…

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It is CLEAR to see why we specialize in the most exciting new “designer” dog breed available today – the “first generation” Goldendoodle, the F1b Goldendoodle, and International Pedigreed English Cream White Parti Teddy Bear Goldendoodles. More…

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We have also learned the temperaments to breed together to produce the most amazing intuitive, sweet, smart, eager to please Goldendoodles. More…

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They enjoy human companionship, tend to get along with other animals and also are very intelligent. More…